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  • Houston-based English<>Spanish Translation, Interpretation and Marketing

Why CCC Comunications?

Carol’s unique and multicultural background inspires her passion for communication, providing you and your end-users with non-accented, native English and Spanish that is in tune with each country’s language expressions for the seamless inclusion of a diverse group of stakeholders. The same care, professionalism and enthusiasm is given whether the audience or presenter is amongst the richest men in the world or are the parents of underprivileged children!

Experience in many industries


Simultaneous interpretation

CCC Communications LLC has (3) individual transmitters and 40 headsets available for rental for meetings in small rooms that do not require a sound booth. Simultaneous Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpreting is suggested for one-on-one meetings, depositions, and interviews. The interpretation is conducted in a pattern of short segments and relies on note-taking. Consecutive Interpretation


Translation is the communication of the meaning of one text source into a text source of the target language. Translation

Sight translation

Sight translation occurs usually, but not exclusively, in legal work and requires intense concentration. This involves reading, for example, an English document as if it were written in Spanish. Sight Translation

Relay interpretation

Relay interpretation is used when no interpreter is available to interpret directly from source to target language. For example: a Korean presenter interprets into English, and then Carol interprets from English to Spanish. Relay Interpretation

Escort interpretation

In escort interpreting, Carol accompanies a person or delegation on a tour or facility visit, or to a meeting, interview, or tradeshow. Escort Interpretation

Telephonic interpretation

Telephone interpreting may be used in place of on-site interpreting when no on-site interpreter is readily available at the location where services are needed. Telephonic Interpreting


  • I wanted to thank you for the outstanding language translation service which was provided by Carol to our Latin America regional meetings last week. As a former member of the foreign service, I have had the opportunity to work with many excellent translators over a 15-year career and I can say that Carol was at the very top of that list. One of the keys to good translation, as you know, is not just the technical skill of the translator but also their ability to read the people in the room and to perform translation in a manner which best suits the style of both the speakers and listeners and advances rather than obstructs the discussion. Carol was expert at this and my colleagues and I were all in agreement that the meeting was enhanced by her presence. Thank you again for the excellent support and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
    - Oil and Gas Executive with operations in Latin America
  • CCC Communications LLC provided us with a translated curriculum in social and emotional learning that was thorough, accurate, and tailored to the needs of our clients. In the past, we utilized a national professional translation company until a local client referred Carol to us. The difference in translation was immediately evident. Working with a local translator who is a native speaker with intimate knowledge of various cultures in Houston made the final work more relevant to our clients. Carol is a perfectionist and easy to work with. She is accessible and meets all deadlines in a timely manner. Her interest and passion about our mission resulted in a curriculum that precisely conveys our message to our Spanish-speaking parents and their children. I would gladly refer Carol to others without any hesitations.
    - Program Director of a non-profit agency
  • Carol Calvo Cota recently interpreted at a conference for us for four days. For four days, she showed up early, was dressed to impress, was always smiling and friendly, did a wonderful job interpreting difficult material with presenters who spoke at a hundred miles an hour, didn't complain when something went wrong, and even stayed late as needed. In few words, she was a perfect team member all four days. Thank you, Carol.
    - Vice President, Top 120 Inc 500 Company
  • Thank you--we appreciated your services last week. I will certainly keep you in mind when we next have a need for these services.
    - Deputy General and Corporate Secretary, Oil and Gas Service Corporation
  • Thank you for your assistance today. Your services and support were terrific and we appreciate everything.
    - Attorney, Corporate Compliance, Internal Investigations, and White-Collar Defense
  • Thank you so much for your quick turnaround and for your amazing attention to detail on this project!
    - Director of Operations, Education
  • You are very understanding and that makes you very easy to communicate with.
    - Supply Chain Director, Fortune 500 company
  • Como dicen: el que sabe, sabe. EXCELENTE trabajo. Mil gracias y espero trabajar contigo muy, muy pronto.
    - Partner of a Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research Firm

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