Simultaneous Interpretation

In accordance with the European commission: Interpreting while the delegate is speaking. The interpreter works in a soundproofed booth with at least one colleague. The speaker in the meeting room speaks into a microphone; the interpreter receives the sound through a headset and renders the message into a microphone almost simultaneously. The delegate in the meeting room selects the relevant channel to hear the interpretation in the language of his/her choice”. 

This requires some equipment. The presenter needs a microphone, which will be hooked up to speakers so the entire audience can hear what is being said. The microphone will also feed into two pairs of headphones worn by Carol and a reliable colleague, selected to best suit your audience. The interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth within full view of the speaker and speak into a microphone, that allows them to clearly hear the source-language speaker via headsets. The simultaneous interpretation is rendered from English to Spanish or vice-versa via earphones worn by those requiring translation. Because of the intense concentration needed to hear every word spoken and provide an accurate rendition in the target language, Carol and her partner will take turns interpreting every 20 to 30 minutes. It is extremely helpful to receive your presentations at least a week in advance. This will allow Carol and her colleague to study the subject matter, develop relevant glossaries and become “experts” in your subject matter!

Carol has been a simultaneous interpreter since her beginnings in the field and thrives in the mental challenge that this type of work involves.

CCC Communications LLC has (3) individual transmitters and 40 headsets available for rental for meetings in small rooms that do not require a sound booth. Sound booths, consoles and additional headsets can be rented from third parties on your behalf for larger sessions. CCC Communications LLC will also gladly hire an experienced technician to handle all aspects of sound requirements.

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