Carol A. Calvo-Cota

CCC Communications LLC

About our president

Carol A. Calvo-Cota, President of CCC Communications LLC, has been an English<>Spanish interpreter and translator for over fifteen years. Born to Spanish parents in New York, Carol lived and went to school in Madrid until she was 16 when the family moved to Mexico City and where Carol graduated from the American High School. Carol attended the University of Dallas, where she studied International Marketing, and graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Consumer Science and Merchandising. Upon graduation, Carol returned to Mexico to work.

Carol has 22 years of experience in the hotel business: international tourism sales and marketing, human resources, insurance, due diligence and training in Mexico and the United States, while traveling as an executive native speaker throughout South America.

Carol has interpreted for Managing Directors for companies with operations in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Spain, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and high-level government officials from Mexico, Equatorial Guinea, Argentina and the United States.