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Previous Projects

Education Translating and Interpreting

Head Start/ Early Head Start

Early Childhood Education

Special Education: ARD Meetings and Goals

Charter School Handbooks and Code of Conduct

Rules and Regulations

Rights of Disabled

Early Childhood Development Curricula

Teacher Training

Interpretation for children

Translating andInterpreting for Training

Sexual Harassment

Janitorial Cleaning Products

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Child labor and Delivery

Restaurants, Hotels, and Bars

Human Resources: Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts


Financial Products

Safe Work Procedures

Software: Engineering, Accounting, Sales, HR, etc.

Mental Health



Proprietary/Trademarked Products


Security Systems

Breast Feeding

Additional Markets

Market Research: Focus Groups/Store-Home Visits

General Business Meetings

Contract Negotiations

Clinical Trials/Research



Water Treatment


Multi-level Marketing

Food and Wines/ Famous Chefs

International Sport Associations

Convention Escort

Religious Services

Press Releases

“Town Hall” Company Meetings

Insurance Claims

Zoo Animals

Facility Tours


Medical Conferences


Oil and Gas Translating and Interpreting

Hazardous Operations

Equipment and Instrumentation Diagrams

Hydraulic Fracturing and Shale Plays

Cement Technology

Casing Equipment

Social Investment Strategy

Safety Valves

Security in High-Risk Areas

Mergers and Acquisitions

HR, Finance and Accounting Policies

International Energy Conferences

Country/Market Situation Updates

Facility Tours


Liquid Natural Gas


Down Stream


Contract Negotiations


Government Translation and Interpreting

Park Boards

Foreign Ministers, Presidents and US Secretaries

Veteran Benefits

Food and Drug Administration

Worker’s Compensation

Community Health Assessments

Testing of Bilingual Government Employees

Texas Department of Child and Protective Services

Social Security Benefit Hearings

FEMA Disaster Recovery

Latin American President

Minister of Hydrocarbons Mexico

Minister of Energy Mexico

Secretary of Energy USA

Chief of Industrial Transformation Policy Mexico

Energy Regulation Commissioner Mexico

Senators from Mexico

Consul Generals

Minister of Energy Equatorial Guinea

Governors from Argentina

Human Trafficking/Trauma Victims


Company and Department of Justice Investigations of Foreign Corruption Practice Act/ “whistleblowers”

Asylum Visas

Oil and Gas Contracts

Government Funded Contract Requirements

Disclosure of Proprietary information